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a community of people watching through the entire series of M*A*S*H
welcome to 4077th_watch!

This is a community of people who are watching the entire series of the great television show M*A*S*H together! Why watch those expensive DVDs alone when you can watch with other fans?
the setup
Each week, this community will be watching and discussing three episodes of M*A*S*H. Our goal is to watch through the entire 11 seasons, in order.

Every Saturday, a discussion post will be made to the community for each episode being featured that week. One post will also be made to feature members' fan creations (graphics and/or fanfiction) that relate to the week's three episodes. Discussion on the various posts will continue until the following Saturday, when the next three episodes will be posted.
discussion post guidelines
-When starting a new comment thread, use a subject line. This will make certain discussion topics easier to find if/when threads are collapsed.
-Avoid starting a new comment thread if the topic you'd like to address is already being discussed. Instead, reply to someone else's comment on the same subject. Of course, feel free to start a new thread if you need to!
-Don't use netspeak! It's very hard to read.
-Feel free to disagree, debate, or say why you dislike a certain episode/scene/character/etc. That said, bashing will not be tolerated. Bashing, personally insulting, etc. will get you one warning. The second offense will get you removed from the community. I despise LJ-drama and don't have time for it.
-ALL topics of discussion are fair game, as long as they have to do with M*A*S*H and/or the episode at hand.
-Above all, have fun!
graphics/fanfiction post guidelines
-You may either post your graphics/fanfic directly in the post as a comment, or link to your own journal post containing the creations.
-If you're linking to another journal post, make sure it's unlocked so everyone can see it.
-Posts may contain graphics/fics from other episodes or shows as long as this week's episodes are featured as well.
-Slash, het, and gen fics/graphics are all allowed.
-All ratings are allowed (please include a warning for fics that are rated NC-17).
-Please try to include a brief summary if you're linking to a fic.
-Ask the maker first before snagging graphics to use, always credit, and never hotlink.
-Feedback is a graphics maker's/fic writer's crack. Leave it!
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If you would like to affiliate with 4077th_watch, comment to this post. M*A*S*H-related and/or other rewatch communities/websites only, please.

Feel free to use the following buttons to advertise our community (a text link works fine, too):
Your friendly neighborhood mod is thearchon. Please contact thearchon with any questions or issues with this community.
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